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Frequently Asked Questions

What is reggae rise up?

As one of the most prominent reggae festival brands in the country and a leader in large-scale event production, Reggae Rise Up creates dynamic entertainment experiences that leverage the power of music to foster connection, community, and lift one another up!

What is rereggae rise up Florida Festival?

Reggae Rise Up Florida Festival. Arguably the strongest reggae market in the country, Florida fans always show up and never disappoint! We are very thankful to be a piece in an already thriving market. After a very successful 2019 event, RRU will return to Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg, FL for three full days of amazing people,...

What are the Best Reggae festivals in the USA?

Reggae Rise Up Florida is undeniably one of the largest and most-recognized reggae festivals in the country. Hosted annually at Vinoy Park in the heart of St. Petersburg, the location of Reggae Rise Up Florida offers the perfect balance of laid-back coastal culture and downtown excitement!

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