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Frequently Asked Questions

Is University of Colorado Denver a good school?

"The University of Denver is a high-quality school with high-quality teachers. If you learn better in a small learning environment, this school is for you. The material at this school is difficult and very fast-paced, as it is on the quarter system, but will readily prepare you for future professional schooling.

Where is Regis University located?

Regis University, formerly known as Regis College, is a private, co-educational Roman Catholic, Jesuit university in Denver, Colorado.

What is the University of Colorado Denver known for?

DU's athletic teams are known as the Denver Pioneers since 1925. The school has been fielding athletic teams since 1867, winning 33 NCAA Division One titles since 1949-among the top 15 of all schools. Denver is best known as a major power in winter sports, in particular, skiing and ice hockey .

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