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Frequently Asked Questions

Why human resources at Regis College?

Human Resources practices reflect excellence, leadership, and service, all hallmarks of the Regis College tradition. For the second year in a row, Regis College has been named one of the Top 100 Women-Led Businesses by The Boston Globe and The Commonwealth Institute.

Where do online students live in the Regis community?

While they may live thousands of miles from the Weston campus, online students in Europe, Hawaii, and Alaska are still very much connected to the Regis community. Panelists at Regis College’s President’s Lecture Series on Health examined the increased prevalence of behavioral addiction in a growing interconnected society.

Why choose Regis?

You will talk to an actual Regis employee every time you call, and that’s a promise. Because we are the ‘Human’ in Human Resources. “I’m delighted with the service Regis has provided… their knowledge is SUPERB and the service has exceeded all my expectations.

Who is Regis University’s new provost?

Regis University has named Karen Riley, Ph.D., as its new provost, effective May 1. At Regis University, we know benefits are important to an employee’s financial security and sense of well-being.

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