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Frequently Asked Questions

Do always pads have wings?

Not a fan of wings. I received these Always pads flex foam with wings. I am not a fan of the wings. They take away from the move and stretch of the pad. I had a few where the wig got ripped. The pad is absorbent and does a good job of lining without the wings.

Are cotton sanitary pads with wings safe?

Our cotton sanitary pads with wings contain no artificial fragrance, parabens, carcinogens, pesticides, or chlorine! These regular pads with wings were designed by humans with vaginas, for humans with vaginas, which means maximum comfort and minimal leakage.

What are always flex foam pads?

With their upgraded design, Always Infinity FlexFoam pads feature form-fitting grooves that conform to your shape, and super absorbent holes that pull wetness away from your skin. Always’ driest top layer is breathable against your skin, so you can say goodbye to hot and stuffy.

Is the Mint pad worth it?

The fact that the pad is 100% cotton with out a bunch of chemicals is great. The herbal additions are a great idea. The mint however.....its a no. It feels like I smeared icy hot on my vagina to the point that it burns. It is way too strong.

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