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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Relias training?

When IACP members contract with IACP to use Relias, the annual cost is $65 per learner, with a one-time organizational onboarding fee of $1650. Have questions? Contact Brita Nelson at (515) 270-9495 or [email protected]

What is Relias Learning?

· Relias Learning provides an online training solution for the healthcare market. Relias offers unrivalled content, the ability for customers to create unique content including live training, and allows for the demonstration of skill and performance, all in a singular, powerful learning management system.

How to access eLearning?

Select the ‘ Training & E-learning ’ tile on the homepageClick on ‘ e-learning ’Select the e-learning module you require, which is categorised within the following three headings: Livestock Land BusinessClick on your selected course titleClick on the course name to launch the e-learning moduleMore items...

Which is better classroom learning or e-learning?

In some cases, particularly in underdeveloped regions with poor digital skills, traditional learning can be more effective than digital learning. However, in developed parts of the globe, e-learning has proven itself to be just as effective as classroom learning.

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