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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Relias Learning?

With Relias Learning, you can invest in your team’s education by accessing an expansive library of digital content. The Relias Platform uses adult learning principles and a variety of tools to help staff build knowledge and retain skills.

What is the Relias performance management platform?

Relias’ performance management platform has played a crucial role in our progress and pursuit of better health, better care, and lower cost. Our success is almost single-handedly the result of our wide-scale focus on the elimination of irrational variation, and the Relias technology is our empirical platform and partner in that pursuit.

What makes Relias different?

Relias is comprehensive in that we have staff that are paraprofessionals… psychologists, doctors, licensed social workers…it offers trainings throughout whatever role or educational level our staff come from. Everything is automated – everything from live events to skills checklists to requirements trackers.

Why Relias for Idd and ABA?

At Relias, we partner with IDD and ABA organizations to improve performance and quality outcomes by providing employees with flexible, professional development and online training through our robust assessments and learning solutions.

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