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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Relias’ online training?

This ensures that employees receive only the training they need and saves time and money. Industry experts created Relias’ online courses using the most effective adult learning practices to keep the learner engaged with their role and your organization. Learn specific types of rewards and recognition for employees.

Why integintegrate with Relias?

Integrate our solutions to ensure nurses, therapists, CNAs, and all staff are positioned to confidently provide specialized care and improved client outcomes. Improve standards of care and maximize reimbursements with Relias.

What is relrelias?

Relias identifies opportunities for improvement and equips your organization with real solutions, whether it’s hiring and retaining your nurses, reducing variation in care, or improving patient experience and physician engagement at every level.

Why Relias for Idd and ABA?

At Relias, we partner with IDD and ABA organizations to improve performance and quality outcomes by providing employees with flexible, professional development and online training through our robust assessments and learning solutions.

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