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Frequently Asked Questions

How to report a repair?

How to report a repair. You can report a repair by: reporting through the My Thirteen website. emailing us at: [email protected] contacting our customer service centre. You can also send any repairs complaints and compliments to us. When you report a repair you’ll be asked for: your full name and address.

Should you repair or replace your appliance?

Too many costly repairs are one indication that it’s probably time to replace your older appliance, as the likelihood of another repair services is high. Remember the 50 percent rule: If the total cost of the repair service is over half of the value of a brand new kitchen appliance, consider buying a new appliance.

Do I repair or replace home appliances?

Most experts agree that if the repair estimate is over 50 percent of the new appliance’s price, then generally, you should replace the home appliance instead of repairing. Depending on the type of repair needed, your local home appliance servicer may be able to provide quick and straightforward solutions to your appliance problems.

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