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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your ResearchGate score?

According to ResearchGate, the score includes the research outcomes that you share on the platform, your interactions with other members, and the reputation of your peers (i.e., it takes into consideration publications, questions, answers, followers). The RG Score is displayed on every profile alongside the basic information about a researcher.

Is it legal to add your publications to ResearchGate?

It depends on copyrights. If the journal is open accessed, it is legal to float a copy on researchGate. If someone has given a private copy for his/personal use only, he/she can't add that on researchGate. If he/she do so, will violation if copyright agreement and is illegal.

Where to find research studies?

Where to Find Research Studies. Nearly all research published in peer-reviewed health journals can be found by searching MEDLINE, a database available through PubMed. PubMed provides study abstracts (structured summaries providing key information about the design and main results of the research) at no charge.

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