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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Azure Resource Manager templates?

Azure Resource Manager templates are JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) files that define the infrastructure and configuration for your project. What are templates?

How does resource manager deploy resources?

When possible, Resource Manager deploys resources in parallel so your deployments finish faster than serial deployments. You deploy the template through one command, rather than through multiple imperative commands. Modular files: You can break your templates into smaller, reusable components and link them together at deployment time.

How to deploy a resource template?

You can deploy a resource template using the Azure Portal, PowerShell or Azure CLI. But before you actually can deploy those resources you have to create a resource group. When you start the deployment you need to specify the resource group you want to create the resources in.

How do I define the parameters in a JSON template?

To determine how to define the parameter names and values, open your JSON template and review the parameters section. The following example shows the JSON template's parameters. In the parameter file, the first detail to notice is the name of each parameter. The parameter names in your parameter file must match the parameter names in your template.

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