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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best online gun store?

Best Online Gun Stores: First Look. Smith and Wesson – Best for self protection (no middlemen) Brownells – Largest quality gun store (best rifles and shotguns)

Are guns cheaper AT gun shows or gun stores?

When comparing guns and ammo to any major retail store, you’re almost assuredly better off purchasing your guns and ammunition from a gun show. However, the deals available in the online market can vary, with niche sites offering competitive prices when compared to those at your local gun show.

Is grabagun a legit site?

GrabAGun is legit. Sometimes their prices can be a little inflated, but just barely in most cases. I recently purchased a charger from them and it made it to my ffl in 3 days. G2G. 8. level 2. OP · 1 yr. ago. Damn thats barely worse than Amazon lol Thanks for the input and data point! 3 days is very impressive. 1.

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