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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my retirement age if I was born in 1979?

If you were born in 1979, your full benefit retirement age is 2046 in United States. How many years from 2022 to 2046? The number of years from 2022 to 2046 is 24 years.

Is it better to retire at 62 or 65?

There’s little question that taking Social Security at 62 is not always a good deal. You lock in lower benefits for the rest of your life. You can reap a higher benefit at “full” retirement age — from 66-67 depending on when you were born — and the highest-possible benefit at age 70. Social Security will pay you more for waiting.

What is your age if your were born in 1981?

Your age is 40 years if you born in February 1981. If you born in any other month of 1981, you are required to refer the below table for "What is my age if I was born in 1981?" to know your age now. Use this how old am I calculator to find your exact age now on February 19, 2021 or later. Your age on planet Mars is 21 years 3 months.

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