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Frequently Asked Questions

Do rewards really create loyalty?

“Do Rewards Really Create Loyalty?”. O’Brien and Jones argue that despite the critics, reward programs can indeed enhance loyalty, when designed and implemented correctly. It is critical, however, that program value be in proportion to the economic value of customers’ loyalty to the organization. With references to such companies as General Motors,...

How do you earn rewards?

In order to earn Rewards, your account must be in good standing (i.e., open and with charging privileges) and otherwise in compliance with the Credit Card Agreement. Earn 1 Reward for every $1 you spend on everyday qualifying purchases.

How do rewards help students?

Offering students rewards for positive performance or behavior is a way of applying behaviorist conditioning, which calls for reinforcing positive student behavior with actions that the student perceives as positive. This type of reward system has been shown to be positively related to higher student achievement.

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