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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best achievement diary rewards in OSRS?

Best Achievement Diary Rewards in OSRS 1 The Varrock Achievement Diaries Starting off with the Varrock Diaries… Now, each level of the Varrock Diaries allows you to get more and more Battlestaves from Zaff from the ... 2 The Ardougne Achievement Diaries Now, the Ardougne Tasks have a couple of good uses. ... 3 The Fremennik Achievement Diaries

What are the different types of diary rewards?

And there are four tiers of diary rewards: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite. The easy diary will be relatively simple to unlock, only requiring basic skills. While the elite diary will require some really high skills & an aptitude for high-level PvM. But with so many diaries out there, which rewards are best?

What are achievement diaries?

Achievement diaries are special tasks you can complete in certain areas of OSRS to unlock rewards, which are often permanently bound to your account. And there are four tiers of diary rewards: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite.

How many areas have diaries?

There are currently twelve areas that have diaries: Diaries Main reward Highest requirement Morytania Diary Morytania legs 96 Fishing Varrock Diary Varrock armour 95 Cooking Western Provinces Diary Western banner 93 Slayer (non-boostable) Wilderness Diary Wilderness sword 96 Magic 8 more rows ...

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