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Frequently Asked Questions

Can temporal lobe damage be reversed?

While temporal lobe damage cannot be reversed, functions affected by the damage can be reorganized and relearned by healthy regions of the brain. The brain possesses a dynamic ability to heal itself and allow undamaged portions of the brain to take over control of damaged functions called neuroplasticity.

How serious is temporal lobe epilepsy?

What happens if temporal lobe epilepsy goes untreated? Seizures, especially ones that start in the temporal lobe, can cause a major blow to the hippocampus. The hippocampus is very sensitive to changes in brain activity. If seizures starting here go untreated, the hippocampus starts to harden and shrink. How do you get rid of temporal lobe seizures?

Can temporal lobe epilepsy go away?

Two out of 3 people with temporal lobe epilepsy achieve good seizure control with seizure medication. Seizures may also go away in some children with TLE. A good outcome is most often seen in people with normal MRI scans. What can trigger temporal lobe seizures? Experts say some possible causes of temporal lobe seizures include:

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