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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RIPE NCC service region?

The RIPE NCC service region consists of countries in Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia. RIPE NCC services are available to users outside this region through Local Internet Registries; these entities must have a valid legal address inside the service region but can offer their services to anyone.

Should I become a RIPE NCC member?

If your organisation needs IPv6 address space and AS Numbers, and/or makes assignments to End Users or customers, you should become a RIPE NCC member. RIPE NCC members are also eligible to receive a one-time allocation of a /22 of IPv4 address space from the last /8 of IPv4 address space for their LIR account.

What is the RIPE Database?

The RIPE Database is a public database containing registration details of the IP addresses and AS numbers originally allocated to members by the RIPE NCC. It shows which organisations or individuals currently hold which Internet number resources, when the allocations were made and contact details.

How do I get support for ripe?

We support members and the RIPE community through several channels to offer timely and efficient help – whether it’s a ticket, a tweet or a training course. More information about Get Support Contact Us Office Information RIPE NCC Report Form Report Technical Emergency Training and Education RIPE NCC Academy

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