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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get support for ripe?

We support members and the RIPE community through several channels to offer timely and efficient help – whether it’s a ticket, a tweet or a training course. More information about Get Support Contact Us Office Information RIPE NCC Report Form Report Technical Emergency Training and Education RIPE NCC Academy

Is ripe a legal entity?

RIPE is not a legal entity and has no formal membership. This means that anybody who is interested in the work of RIPE can participate through mailing lists and by attending meetings. RIPE activities are performed on a voluntary basis and decisions are formed by consensus.

How do I send a copy of my NCC statement?

You can send a scanned PDF copy of the statement to [email protected] You must also include a recent copy of your organisation's official trade register documents to prove that your organisation is a registered legal entity authorised to carry out business activities in your country. Your local Chamber of Commerce is usually the one to issue these.

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