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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RIPE NCC?

Routing Information Service (RIS) The RIPE NCC collects and stores Internet routing data from several locations around the globe, using the Routing Information Service (RIS), established in 2001. RIS data can be accessed via RIPEstat, our “one-stop shop” for all available information about Internet number resources.

Where is bgplay hosted?

The tool was hosted at the RIPE NCC (using the RIS database as a data source) from May 2004 to July 2009. Currently, an instance of BGPlay is hosted by the University of Oregon and uses ORV data.

Can ripe receive BGP messages using WebSocket?

It can now receive BGP messages using WebSocket and update the visualisation on the fly. Note: The following article is Massimo Candela's personal initiative and does not necessarily represent the views or commitments of the RIPE NCC.

What are the nodes in BGP?

The origin ASes are represented as red nodes; ASes peering directly with the route collectors are the "leaf" nodes, represented in blue; any other traversed AS is shown in black. When a BGP announcement occurs, the creation of a new path connecting a set of nodes is animated.

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