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Frequently Asked Questions

What does VCT chocolate taste like?

With a cool design for the bottle, good material. VCT Chocolate combines an earthy tobacco with vanilla custard, a touch of almond and some decadent chocolate folded together to entice the taste buds beyond belief. At first, the sweet part of the handle with the chocolate is immediately perceived.

Does vape society supply have chocolate flavor e-juice?

If you’re wild about creamy, smooth and rich chocolate, you must get your hands on the chocolaty treats at Vape Society Supply. The Chocolate Flavor E-Juice selection that we proudly carry all have that velvety, authentic taste that you so crave.

Who is ripe vapes?

Ripe Vapes was founded in 2013 just north of Los Angeles in Ventura County, California. Ripe Vapes set forth with a mission to produce hand-crafted gourmet vape juice with a strict focus on quality. With well known vape juice flavors like VCT and Key Lime Cookie e-liquid.

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