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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rockstar customer service phone number?

Rockstar Phone Number | Customer Service Number : 1-866-922-8694. This page contains all the vital information which can solve all your issues related to their products and services. Customers expect great experiences when they come into our contact and richer experiences come by providing them the healthy services.

Who is Rockstar owned by?

Rockstar is a 2009 build with a Patrick Knowles interior that won a World Superyacht Award Judges Special Commendation in 2010. She is currently owned by 44-year-old Russell Weiner, the son of conservative radio host Michael Savage.

What is Rockstar's next game?

Perhaps the most obvious choice for Rockstar's next game is Grand Theft Auto 6. As previously mentioned, GTA 5 is the most-profitable entertainment product of all time, and so GTA 6 is inevitable.

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