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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between rods and cocci?

Cocci are spherical in shape: whereas bacilli are rod-shaped. Cocci are usually aflagellate, i.e. lacking flagella. Bacilli may be aflagellate or flagellate. The number and position of flagella differ in different bacillus forms. Both cocci and bacilli may occur singly or in aggregation of two or more and termed accordingly.

Are bacilli and rods the same thing?

Bacillus, with a captial and italicised, is a genus of bacteria. bacillus (bacilli plural), not capitalised or italicised, refers to any rod-shaped bacterium. all are from the same root, the diminutive form of the latin 'baculum' which means stick, so bacillus means (literally) 'little stick'.

What are illnesses or diseases are caused by cocci bacteria?

These infections include strep throat, pneumonia, food poisoning, otitis media, various skin diseases, meningitis and severe types of septic shock. Additionally, Gram-negative cocci bacteria are responsible for causing gonorrhea and meningococcal meningitis.

Are bacteria shaped like rods?

Shapes of Bacteria Rod-Shaped or Bacillus. Rod-shaped bacteria can be found in several arrangements such as diplo (in pairs), strepto (in chains), cocco (oval), or in palisade arrangement. Spiral Bacteria. ... Filamentous Bacteria. ...

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