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Frequently Asked Questions

What does RSS stand for?

No, RSS actually stands for Really Simple Syndication – an XML-based format for sharing and distributing Web content. In layman's terms, RSS allows you to subscribe to a "news feed" from your favorite Web site (you know it's the Library of Congress) and receive automatic updates from that site as they become available.

What websites have RSS feeds?

Websites usually use RSS feeds to publish frequently updated information, such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, video. RSS is also used to distribute podcasts. An RSS document (called "feed", "web feed", or "channel") includes full or summarized text, and metadata, like publishing date and author's name.

How do you make RSS feed?

1 Find an RSS creation program. There are a couple options when it comes to RSS services. 2. Create a new feed. Once you have chosen your service, create your first feed. 3. Add an image to your feed. You can add an image that represents your feed. 4. Add content to your feed.

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