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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular RSS feeds?

Feed Reader or News Aggregator software allow you to grab the RSS feeds from various sites and display them for you to read and use. A variety of RSS Readers are available for different platforms. Some popular feed readers include Amphetadesk (Windows, Linux, Mac), FeedReader (Windows), and NewsGator (Windows - integrates with Outlook).

What is RSS feed mean?

RSS - Simple, Yet Amazingly Convenient. RSS feeds are basically simple text files that, once submitted to feed directories, will allow subscribers to see content within a very short time after it's updated (sometimes as short as 30 minutes or less; it's getting faster all the time).

What is CNN RSS?

RSS (really simple syndication) service is a means by which offers feeds of story headlines in XML format ("RSS Content") to visitors to (the "CNN Site") who use RSS aggregators. These Terms of Use govern your use of the RSS service. ... RSS is a free service offered by CNN for non-commercial use.

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