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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Rue 21 corporate office?

Rue 21 Corporate Office Headquarters. 800 Commonwealth Drive. Warrendale, PA 15086 USA. Corporate Phone Number: 1-724-776-9780. Fax Number: n/a. Email: Online Only.

Where is Rue 21 headquarters?

Located just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, rue21’s corporate office is a support center to all of our 1,100+ stores across the U.S. Spanning 84,000 square feet, the corporate headquarters holds over 400 employees and offers careers in areas that include:

What are the age requirements for Rue 21?

The minimum age at which a person can start working at Rue21 is 16, as it says in the Rue 21 application form. Of course, some Rue21 jobs require employees to be at least 18 years of age, either because of various state regulations or because being considered for such Rue21 careers requires some prior work experience.

What are Rue 21 jobs?

Rue 21 Jobs. These are generally the first people you see when you walk in Rue 21. Their duties include assisting customers, ringing up purchases, and maintaining the cleanliness on the retail floor.

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