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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a coupon to get 15% off at rue21?

No coupon or promo code required. Sign up for emails and be among the first to receive coupons, promotions, and deals—along with 15% off your next order in-store or online. Rue21 knows what you really want so here it is. Act now and save with Rue21 sales, promo codes & coupons! Want to see Rue21's best prices right now?

Are there any Black Friday sales for rue21?

The Rue21 Black Friday sale The Rue21 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales offer a high percentage off their entire inventory. Previous years' sales have offered a 40% off Rue21 coupon the same discount without the need for a Rue21 discount code.

How do I add items to my rue21 cart?

Once you’ve narrowed it down, pick one and follow the instructions. Head to the rue21 site and you can then add all the items you want to the cart. Before you checkout, enter your code in the box provided if your discount hasn’t already been applied.

How long does it take to ship from rue21?

Standard shipping from rue21 takes 7-10 business days to arrive, but if you want to opt for something faster, just add on speedy shipping during the checkout. Is there a rue21 near me?

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