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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Fender Rumble 150 a good AMP?

The Fender Rumble 150 amp is GREAT!!! It has great low tone and Great sound. Easy to operate and adjust for that quality sound. I use this amp and a "Fishman" pre-amp on my upright string bass and it brings out that quality sound that i'm looking for. The price was great and the delivery was super..

Is the Fender Rumble a good bass combo?

Fender's Rumble Series of bass combos has been around (on and off) for some time, but never has the range been as appealing as now.

Where is the socket on a Fender Rumble?

The front baffle is ported for maximum sound dispersal and it's designed as a workaday gigging unit or for practice sessions. The mains socket is at the rear, but all of the controls and connections are on the front panel.

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