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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of guitar is rumble seat music?

Rumble Seat Music is a trusted and world renowned purveyor of the finest vintage instruments available. We specialize in premium, American-made vintage guitars and amplifiers, and with over thirty years of experience we are one of the most trusted names in vintage guitars!

Is it possible to be wrong about rumble seat?

Vintage guitars are largely an inexact science so it certainly is possible to miss little issues here or there, but it's neither possible nor acceptable for an outfit marketing itself as among the best in the entire world to be wrong four or five times in a row. Above all else, my biggest issue by far was with Rumble Seat's owner, Elliot.

Are there any good guitar dealers in Nashville?

There are so many other excellent dealers in Nashville and the US who at least respect you. What a fantastic place, guitars are displayed well, cool vibe, and even cooler staff. They are very welcoming and helpful, not typical with a lot of Nashville music stores.

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