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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rumble plates necessary for construction?

“EXTREME” Rumble plates are a necessity to any stabilized construction entrance/ exit. Stabilized construction access is a defined entrance/ exit to a construction site that is put in place to reduce the tracking of sediment (dirt and mud) onto public roads by the tires of construction vehicles.

What is a rumble strip?

DEFINITIONS Rumble Strips: Rumble strips are raised or grooved patterns on the roadway or shoulder that provide audible and vibratory warnings to drivers that their vehicles are leaving the driving lane or are approaching an unusual or unexpected traffic or road condition.

What are the mdmutcd guidelines for installation of rumble strips?

In addition to the guidelines described herein, implementation of rumble strips should conform to the applicable guidelines in the 2011 MdMUTCD section 6F.87. Typical 670.05 lists details on the minimum shoulder width criteria required for installation.

How effective are temporary rumble strips in work zones?

Braking is one indication of driver awareness of unusual or changing road conditions, and thus can be used to investigate the effectiveness of temporary rumble strips in work zones. Studies have shown that temporary rumble strips in work zones can result in braking by 10 to 80 percent of vehicles (Sun, Edara, and Ervin 2011; Wang et al. 2011a).

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