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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rumble strip on a car?

DEFINITIONS Rumble Strips: Rumble strips are raised or grooved patterns on the roadway or shoulder that provide audible and vibratory warnings to drivers that their vehicles are leaving the driving lane or are approaching an unusual or unexpected traffic or road condition.

What are transverse rumble strips used for?

Transverse rumble strips are placed in the travel lanes where most if not all vehicles will cross them. They are used to alert the driver of an upcoming intersection, toll booth or similar hazard. They may cross the entire road from shoulder to shoulder, or they may only be in the wheel paths.

What are ridrumble strips?

Rumble strips, raised profile line markings or audio tactile profiled (ATP) road markings, are road markings that generate noise and vibration when you drive over them. The lines are painted like normal road markings except the machine drops ridges (also called blocks or ribs) at intervals.

Which side of the road is best for rumble strips?

Based on engineering judgment, closed section or curbed side of the roadway may be considered for shoulder rumble strip/stripe installation as well.  Noise from rumble strip hits should be considered when determining whether to install rumble strips or rumble stripes near residential areas or other sensitive receptors.

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