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Frequently Asked Questions

What are rumble strips and what do they do?

Rumble strips are a countermeasure that provides both an audible warning and physical vibration to alert motorists as the vehicle tires traverse the rumble strips. Because there is no specific message associated with rumble strips, they can be used to alert motorists to a variety of conditions.

When do you remove rumble strips from pavement?

The Contractor shall either completely remove raised rumble strips from the pavement or fill in the depressions from saw-cut or milled-in rumble strips prior to the start of the winter plowing season, prior to the placement of successive pavement courses, or as directed by the Engineer.

How big are the rumble strips in Wisconsin?

Horowitz and Notbohm (2002) tested manually adhesive rumble strips at a rural intersection in Wisconsin where a temporary signal had been installed. A set of 6 strips (0.25 inches thick) were placed 7 feet apart. Only small changes in speeds were found (1.1 — 1.3 mph) after the installation of the rumble strips.

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