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Frequently Asked Questions

What is running-config file in router?

The configuration file where router stores the configuration changes when the router is up and running is called the "running-config" file. The running configuration file stores the configuration changes made while the router is up and running. The "running-config" file is stored in RAM.

Where is the running and startup configuration stored?

The running configuration is stored in RAM. On all platforms except the Class A Flash file system platforms, the startup configuration is stored in nonvolatile random-access memory (NVRAM).

What is the difference between startup-config and running-config?

Startup configuration files (startup-config) are used during system startup to configure the software. Running configuration files (running-config) contain the current configuration of the software. The two configuration files can be different.

Where are configuration settings stored in web config?

The Web.config file for the site, the application, or the directory. When you configure settings for an application, directory, or URL, the configuration is stored in the same directory as the site, application, or directory. You do not need to use location tags. Storing configuration settings in a parent configuration file is helpful when:

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