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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best outdoor antennas?

Final Review of the Best Outdoor TV Antenna. The ClearStream 2V Outdoor HDTV Antenna is also a good candidate for the best outdoor TV antenna. It has a dual-loop design, integrated diplexer, patented technology for receiving signals from 60 miles of distance, full HD 1080p signal format support, multi-element design,...

What channels are on the antenna?

Antennas for Receiving DTV. To receive DTV signals from all stations in the area, your antenna needs to be able to receive both VHF channels (channels 2-13) and UHF channels (channels 14-51).

Where are the TV towers located?

The WITI TV Tower is located off of the Oak Leaf Trail, just north of Capitol Drive in Shorewood, Wisconsin (north of the city of Milwaukee). The WITI Tower in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was completed in August 1962 and was briefly the tallest free-standing tower in the world, rising 1081 feet (329.4 m).

Do digital antennas work?

If you are talking about things like digital TV antennas, they work the same as any other antenna. All antennas are technically analog. Antennas respond to electromagnetic waves and convert them to time-varying electrical currents, and that is always an analog process.

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