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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word du jour?

\dü-ˈzhər, də-, -ˈzhu̇r, -ˈzhür\. 1 : made for a particular day —used of an item not specified on the regular menu soup du jour. 2 : popular, fashionable, or prominent at a particular time the buzzword du jour.

What is the English word for Séjour?

English words for séjour include stay, visit, sojourn, indwelling and homeliness. Find more French words at!

Why is Beau Séjour considered to be a bad show?

Especially for a Belgian series aired on national television during prime time, "Beau Séjour" has a very dark and depressing atmosphere, features a fairly large amount of violence and extreme language and it certainly doesn't avoid sensitive subjects that are mostly still taboo.

Why DaddyO's & Chef du jour catering?

I opened DaddyO’s & Chef Du Jour Catering in December of 2000. My goal is to provide exceptional customer service as well as serve great food. We make everything homemade and take pride in using the finest and freshest ingredients available.

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