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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the s76g?

The S76G is designed & manufactured in a smallest form factor -SiP (System in Package). It integrates with SEMTECH SX1276 and a 32-bit ultra-low power Cortex M0+ MCU (STM32L073x), S76G supports global 863MHz or 928MHz ISM-Bands. Capable of 2-way communication and reach over 16 km (10 miles) distance in our field test.

What is Lora s76g and s78g?

LoRa GPS tracker will soon even smaller as AcSiP has developed S76G and S78G systems-in-package (SiP) that combine LoRa, GPS and an MCU into a single 1.1 x 1.3cm package.

What is aciacsip s76g/78G SIP?

AcSiP S76G / 78G SiP are expecting to be found in wearables, children and pets tracking and other applications. Availability and pricing has not been disclosed, but for reference their previous generation S76S and S78S chips are sold for respectively $20 and $18 (sample price for online purchase).

Does the s76g module contain a GPS chip?

Besides, S76G contains a GPS chip –SONY CXD5603GF which is used to receive GPS/GPS+GLONASS signals for positioning. The module is delivered with firmware pre-configured to 868 MHz as default but the firmware for 915 MHz support can be loaded.

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