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Frequently Asked Questions

What is agent code in Sabre Red?

code may contain from 4 to 6 digits, and provides various rights to access the content of Sabre GDS (booking, issuance, etc.) Agent Code Agent Code in Sabre Red Workspace, i.e.: *S*« N7GG.N7GG*AKS.A (KS – agent code) Users in Ticketing Manager

What are the different brands of Sabre?

The company operates four brands/businesses: Sabre Airline Solutions (R), Sabre Hospitality Solutions (R), Sabre Travel Network (R) and Travelocity (R).

How to activate a new user in sabre?

 Active – mark to activate a new user  Timezone – choose your time zone from the drop-down list. *To specify the code, type in 2 (two) symbols of the Agent code. ** Check your code in SABRE:

How to check all information on the transactions in sabre?

and check all the information on the transactions please go to Reportsand Logs and directly to Sabre screen. СTN Ticketing Platform. User Guide for Subagent 17 3.2.3. Reissue Reissue of e-ticket should be made in case of:

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