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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sabre 38 a good boat?

And after that promising start, things only got better. “The 38 is a very flexible boat,” said Kevin Burns, the new vice president of design and product development for both Sabre Yachts and Back Cove (Sabre’s sister company), as he welcomed us onboard. “It’s designed for the way people use boats today. It’s fun to drive, to own, and to use.”

What makes the Sabre 38 Salon Express so special?

The Sabre 38 Salon Express: Elegant, Strong, Reliable, Seaworthy. Her classic profile, energetic performance, precise controls, and low sound levels make the Sabre 38 Salon Express an icon of nautically sensible design.

What kind of Hull does a boat have on a 38?

Some early 38 hulls were solid fiberglass while most later models, especially the MK IIs, had balsa-cored hulls. Both versions have end-grain balsa-cored decks with either solid laminate or plywood backing in high-load areas. The hull and deck are joined on a flange and both through-bolted and chemically bonded.

Is sabsabre a good sailboat?

Sabre claims that the boat was designed to carry a full main and genoa up to 14 knots, beyond that the boat sails best with less sail area. When hard on the wind, there is just a pinch of weather helm. It is close winded and tracks well. It is also a bit tender and heels early.

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