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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sabrent do for customers?

About Us At Sabrent, we create products that help people realize the power of technology and make people’s lives easier and better. We have a proven track record to consumers and distribution partners, who are part of the rapidly growing Sabrent family. Deliver the latest technology at an affordable price.

How to fix Sabrent hard drive adapter not recognized Windows 10?

How to Fix "Sabrent Hard drive Adapter Not Recognized Windows 10" Issue. 1. Fix Drive Connection. A bad physical connection is among the most common problems that could block Windows 10 from detecting the external drive. Then you should check whether the USB port and the USB cable are good.

How do I install the Sabrent rocket?

Install on Motherboard Insert the Sabrent ROCKET pin-side first into the M.2 slot as is illustrated. Fasten the opposite end to the motherboard with the necessary screw or hardware. Install on Enclosure Insert the Sabrent ROCKET pin-side first into the M.2 slot as is illustrated.

Why choose the Sabrent NVMe external aluminum SSD?

The Sabrent NVMe USB 3.1 External Aluminum SSD delivers all the advantages of flash disk technology with PCIe Gen3 x4 interface and it is fully compliant with the standard Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF), commonly known as M.2. UNMATCHED RELIABILITY Power consumption is much lower than traditional hard drives.

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