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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Sabrina Sing Boys (Summertime Love)?

"Boys (Summertime Love)" is a song recorded by Italian singer Sabrina. It was released in May 1987 as the third single from her eponymous album and achieved great success in many countries, including Spain, Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy, where it was a number-one single.

What is the meaning of the song Boys Boys Boys by SAB Sabrina?

Sabrina Salerno “Boys, Boys, Boys” partial song’s lyrics state: Wonderful music video, wonderful performance and beautiful song concerning the popular actions of romance, parties and love affairs. Romance and love affairs are very popular with females particularly in the safer legal Universes.

What are Sabrina Carpenter's other songs?

The song was accompanied by a provocative music video, which established Sabrina's image as a sex symbol. Her other popular recordings include " All of Me (Boy Oh Boy) ", " My Chico ", " Like a Yo-Yo ", " Gringo ", " Siamo donne " and " Call Me ".

What are Your Top 5 favorite Sabrina songs?

1 Sabrina (1987) 2 Super Sabrina (1988) 3 Over the Pop (1991) 4 Maschio dove sei (1996) 5 A Flower's Broken (1999) 6 Erase/Rewind Official Remix (2008)

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