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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Griffin Gluck and Sabrina Carpenter still together?

The romantic relationship of Griffin Gluck with fellow actress cum singer, Sabrina Carpenter, for whatever time it lasted, got a lot popular. Although the celebrity duo parted ways with a break-up in early 2020. the bond between them was very strong when they were together.

Why did Sabrina Carpenter break up with her boyfriend?

Just like any other relationship in showbiz, Sabrina’s romance with Griffin also came to an end. In August of 2020, a rep for Carpenter has officially stated she has broken up with her beau. The main reason behind their separation wasn’t revealed.

What happened to @Gluck and carpenter's relationship?

Gluck and Carpenter broke up at some point in 2020, with one of their last photos together posted on Jan. 7, 2020. Carpenter was reportedly spotted on a date with Bassett in Los Angeles a few months later in August.

Who is Griffin Gluck’s girlfriend?

Turns out, one of the main leads (actor Griffin Gluck) has been acting quite racist and transphobic online. While he is yet to address his actions, his girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter has issued a statement.

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