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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you like most about Sabrina Spellman?

Sabrina Spellman was a half-breed. Now, she is a witch. And still, she wonders, the consequences of her choices. Or, Sabrina is a servant to the Dark Lord, Nick is a supportive BF, and Harvey struggles with his romantic feelings. Eventual polyamory with m/m. Also m/m in general. Also smut. Also gore and violence and scheming plots.

What happened to Sabrina Spellman in caos3?

"Following the events of caos3, Mary Wardwell awakens as her beloved pupil, Sabrina Spellman, has left her: bound in her own home, her memories of the Spellmans wiped. And no one but the erstwhile Queen of Hell thinks to check on her..."

Does Sabrina Spellman get married to Caliban?

Sabrina gets married to Caliban and the Dark Lord decides to claim his right to the bride's first night. Sabrina Spellman is in desperate need of a father figure after a returned Edward Spellman berates her for being an abomination, and berates her late mother for whoring herself to the Dark Lord.

What does Sabrina Spellman call Lucifer Morningstar?

Sabrina Spellman is Queen of Hell at the side of her father, Lucifer Morningstar. As she struggles to fight the pull of their celestial connection she is confronted with challenges that go deeper than physical. She has always called him Dark Lord. Now she will call him Daddy. Set at the end of season three so spoilers.

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