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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to the material safety data sheets?

OSHA directs this to be acccomplished by the document known as a Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS. All employees, according to OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard, who might handle, work with or be exposed to hazardous materials, as defined by OSHA, must have access to the MSDSs for all the hazardous materials for that site.

What important information do safety data sheets provide?

In such cases, the safety data sheet will contain: Identification of the product, its recommended uses and restrictions, and information regarding the supplier as well as emergency telephone numbers. A section identifying hazards, such as its classification hazard. ... Hazard statements found on safety data sheets will state what can happen in certain circumstances. ... More items...

How often should you update your safety data sheets?

A Safety Data Sheet shall be reviewed at least every 3 years. Records of SDS updates such as content, date, and version revision, shall be kept for 3 years. Suppliers and employers must update SDSs and labels within 6 months since new information concerning a chemical is made available.

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