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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job of a safety director?

Safety Director Job Description. A safety director is responsible for ensuring the safety of the workplace. The director accomplishes that by coordinating, administering and implementing comprehensive training programs in occupational, industrial and environmental safety.

What are the responsibilities of a director of safety?

A safety director may work in any type of industry or corporation. He or she is usually responsible for all aspects of a company's efforts to develop and maintain a safe, healthy workplace for all employees. Heading special projects as well as working on routine daily activities are the typical general duties of a safety director.

What is the job description of a safety officer?

A safety officer monitors workplace activities to ensure that workers comply with company policies and government safety regulations. The duties of this job vary by employer, but safety officers typically have responsibilities pertaining to policy development, safety inspections, safety training and compliance with the federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration, commonly known as OSHA.

What are some public safety jobs?

Public service jobs maintain the social order and mitigate potential threats to individual or national safety. Such jobs also protect property and preserve the quality of life in local communities. Examples: Law enforcement officer. Firefighter. Animal control officer. Correctional officer.

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