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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sam's Club gas station hours?

Sam's Club Hours Walmart Stores credit is accepted at Sam's Club gas stations Standard fuel center hours are: Monday - Saturday: 6am—9pm

Does Sam's Club offer a discount on gas?

At these stations we offer a .05¢ discount for Members and Walmart+ users with the exception of New Jersey which does not allow the discounting of fuel for membership. Just below club information, find pricing for gas at any Sam's Club with a fuel center.

Do I have to be a Sam's Club member to purchase fuel?

Sam's Club Fuel Center Details Do I have to be a Member: Yes—most of our fuel stations are restricted to “Members Only”, and you must have a valid Membership to purchase fuel. However, a small number of our fuel stations are open to the general public and Members.

How do you check Sam’S Club gas prices?

Find out the Sam’s Club Gas Prices before you leave home. Use an app such as GasBuddy. Let’s check Sam’s Club gas prices before you go. Sam’s Club might be cheaper than the local gas station. Otherwise, you should go with the less expensive option. Sam’s Club used online to display gas prices, but now you’ll need an application to do this.

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