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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I shop at Sams club without a membership?

Another answer to shopping at Sam’s Club without a membership card is to go with a friend who is a member, and who is prepared to pay for your purchases at the checkout. You can then simply reimburse them when you get outside the store.

Can We Buy membership for SAMS club?

If you've been pondering joining a warehouse club for its solid deals, cheaper gas and free samples, this Sam's Club offer might be worth snagging: A membership is normally $45 a year, but you can now get a Sam's Club membership here for $19.99.

How to order Sams online?

Order your items online at or via the Sam’s Club app. All you have to do is add each item to your shopping cart, then pay online or in the store. However, if you choose to pay online, you earn the extra bonus of Ebates cash back . Score! 2. Decide on your pick-up date/time. Sam’s Club will hold your order up to two days ...

Can you buy a Sam's Club membership online?

When you sign up for a membership, you can add one member of your household for free, and you can shop online at with your membership for extra convenience. Sam's Club memberships are usually cheaper than Costco's (its basic membership is $60 a year), and as Wirecutter notes "Sam's Club deserves just as much fanfare as Costco."

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