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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sams club sell and put on tires?

This tire department also offers tire rotation, wheel alignment, and wheel installation services. This means that you can buy tires from Sam's Club stores and get them put on your vehicle the same day . The prices and fees that Sam's Club Tire Center charge for their tires and tire-related services are quite reasonable overall.

What are brands of tires are available at Sam's Club?

Sam's Club Tire Center stock a variety of brands that include, Pirelli, Michelin, Good Year, BF Goodrich. At Sam's Club Tire Center you can be sure to get the best match for your car, instead of just having what's available for sale.

Does Sams club install tires?

Only tires purchased at Sam s Club can be mounted by the Tire and Battery Center. Tires may not be purchased at one store and delivered to another store. Sam s Club premium tire-installation package is available exclusively on tires sold and installed by Sam s Club.

Does Sam's Club repair tires?

Tire Lifetime Flat Repair - Sam's Club will repair any repairable puncture on the covered tire at no cost to the member for the usable life of the tire (2/32nds tread remaining).

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