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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Samsung Messenger and Google Messages?

In Samsung Messenger the no notifications option (bell icon with a bar on it) will not even show a notification in the Android notifications area (When I open Messages I will see there is unread messages in the silent conversation), while Google Messages it will still show a notification but without sound.

What are the different types of messaging apps?

The most popular apps in this category are Android Messages (now Google Messages), Verizon Messages (now Message+) and Samsung messages app. As a result, Messages and Messages+ are connected apps. However, there are some significant differences between these messaging apps.

What is the default messaging app for Android?

If you own an Android phone, you’ve likely used or heard of Google Messages, which is positioned as the default messaging app for Android — even though the platform’s inclusiveness allows users to select any messaging app of their choice. Meanwhile, Samsung Messages is the default messaging app exclusively available on Samsung smartphones.

What is Google Messages?

The SMS and instant messaging apps that Google developed for Android phones are known by the brand name Google Messages. This product’s outstanding appeal is a result of its robust communication support (RCS). Furthermore, this service is accessible online via a website. Google, however, is working to enhance its platform.

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