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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Google Messages and Samsung message?

Samsung uses two colors for the background, including a lighter gray that Google Messages behind the list of conversations and a layer of black behind the gray area. Lastly, Samsung Message comes with one advantage over Google Messages and that is a Recycle Bin.

Can I use Google Messages on my Samsung phone?

Notably, you can install Google Messages on just about any Android phone including Samsung devices from the Play Store but Samsung Messages is only available for Samsung devices. Auto-delete for banking- or login-related One Time Pins (OTPs) 24 hours after receiving

Does Google Messages support swiping over messages?

Google Messages lets you archive messages by swiping over them, but unlike the Gmail app on Android, you cannot customize these controls to configure the action associated with swiping over messages.

What is Google Messenger and how to use it?

We all know that Google Messenger is one of Android’s most popular chat programs. All Android phones and devices use Google Messages as their default SMS service, except for Samsung, which uses its own default SMS service called “ Samsung Messages. ” It is also accessible on other Samsung Galaxy tablets and phones.

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