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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SBU stand for in medical?

What does SBU stand for? SBU stands for Southeast Business Unit. Advertisement: This definition appears very frequently. See other definitions of SBU. ... View Mike Hawkins's business profile as Southeast Business Unit Medical Director at Cogent Healthcare, Inc. and see work history, ...

What does SBU stand for?

SBU: Stony Brook University. Academic & Science » Universities. Rate it: SBU: Southwest ...

What does SBU mean in Urban Dictionary?

The condition known as Sperm Back Up usually because the wife or significant other has not taken care of you. The symptons are similar to PMS in women. Dude, Andy must have SBU because he was a prick yesterday. Get the SBU mug. The word that if you get Bubs to say, he'll loose his super power (being able to fly ).

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