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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SCAMPI A shellfish?

Norway lobster are also known as Dublin Bay prawns, though the term "prawn" can be confusing since it is sometimes used to describe several varieties of shellfish: the first group includes members of the lobster family such as scampi (langoustine in French and cigala in Spanish), while the second takes in large shrimp, particularly those that live ...

What is scampi made from?

Share this article. If it is made from a number of smaller pieces of scampi stuck together, it should be described as ‘formed pieces of scampi’. ‘Extended’ means it has been made from minced scampi, or with the addition of ‘prawns, white fish or textured vegetable proteins’.

What is the singular for scampi?

Scampi is the Italian plural of scampo, Nephrops norvegicus. In English, scampi is used as singular, plural, or uncountable. The Italian word may be derived from the Greek καμπή kampē ("bending" or "winding").

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