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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does scampi come from in the UK?

Although we class the whole dish as “scampi”, the name itself relates to the langoustine meat inside the coating of golden breadcrumbs. The dish has solid roots in the UK with most of the langoustines we eat coming from waters around Scotland and Northern Ireland.

What is scampi and chips?

Introduced by Young’s Seafood, the UK’s leading frozen food manufacturer, after World War II as a way to use the langoustines caught by trawlermen in search of white fish, by the 1970s scampi and chips had become a favourite pub meal, served ‘in the basket’. Scampi nowdays, however, is far from simple.

What is scampi made out of?

Scampi should really be made up of langoustine, also known as Dublin Bay prawn. These outrageously delicious crustaceans are caught in the North Sea off the coast of Ireland, and if you’re in a quality establishment you will be getting these prawns, usually friend up and served with some chips. What makes scampi taste so good?

What type of fish is scampi?

Nephrops norvegicus. Scampi, or Langoustines or Norway lobsters – Nephrops norvegicus – are roughly the size of a large crayfish and fished from silty bottom regions of the open Atlantic Ocean, and parts of the Mediterranean.

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